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Co-Creative Connection:


We create joyful spaces by working with local people to co-design and paint public art. Our free inclusive workshops encourage collaboration, promote well-being, and enhance local engagement, while providing life-long skills and friendships. By transforming public spaces into vibrant works of art, we instill a sense of pride and connection within local communities.


Our Vision:


Is a world where everyone gets the opportunity to express themselves through creativity and the arts.

Our Mission:


To support and encourage everyone from all walks of life! To be creative and build confidence, communication skills, connection, and artistry!

Our values:

  • Sparking inspiration;

  • Fostering innovation;

  • Encouraging human connections;

  • Focus on well-being;

  • Working together in collaboration

  • Being accessible and inclusive to all!

We strive to inspire others, connect on a personal level, encourage a sense of community, and focus on well-being. These values are at the heart of everything we do and the decisions we make!



Co-Creative Connection (CCC) has led community-focused workshops and produced murals for both the private and public sectors. We have partnered with:

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Lewisham Homes Logo GREY.png
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To bring together over 3000 people to paint, laugh, be creative, learn, and make their space their own.

Co-Creative Connection Higgins Islington (Eddie, Rose, Summer, Tessa, Leo and Max Cheering
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CCC focuses on providing creative opportunities for all people including people with health conditions or impairments. For example, Deafroots, provide a safe, creative space for the deaf and hard of hearing.

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SKILLS people with additional needs and Downright Excellent (DeX) who empower, inspire and support children with Down syndrome to maximize their potential.

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Our Goal:


Make art accessible and encourage people from all walks of life to discover their creative selves. Express their culture and community through these workshops and community projects.

Rose Hill's story

Rose is a multi-award-winning graphic artist, muralist, and educator, graduating with First Class Honors from Chelsea University of the Arts, in Textile Design. 

Rose's notable work includes the ‘Make Your Pet Famous’ exhibition with a live mural painting for the V&A lates.

After collaborating with many high-profile brands such as Harrods, ZSL London Zoo, and the British Museum with her company Rose Hill Designs, teaching at the V&A Museum and the British Library. Rose started to design and paint large-scale murals for those wanting to completely transform a room, gallery, or other space and stand out from the crowd. Past commissions have included commercial spaces such as a co-working space, bookshops, and a 1920s-themed bar.

Rose fell in love with bringing people together to create art, and that's when she founded Co-Creative Connection.


Rose has the desire to give back to communities through co-creative projects. 

Are you ready to start a project with Co-Creative Connection? 


You can contact us here!

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