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Colours of Connection: Friendships Through Our Community Mural Projects

The Great Get Together, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, 3D portraits 2023.

The essence of art lies in its innate ability to create connections, resonate shared experiences, and uncover emotions. But beyond the value of the art itself and the skills learnt, there's another beautiful phenomenon unfolding in the backdrop of our Community Mural Projects. At Co-Creative Connection, our projects have not only created artwork but have also blossomed into friendships. Let's take a closer look at how these bonds have formed.

Higgins Partnerships and the City of London, Islington Mural 2023.

The Meeting Point of Diverse Lives

People from diverse backgrounds, each with their own experiences and stories, gather in a singular space. And while the initial purpose is co-creation, what truly gets crafted are the unexpected friendships. Strangers, who might have never crossed paths, find themselves sharing brushes, colours, and stories.

Mayor of London, Dex and Sundial Community Centre - Peabody, Community Mural Project, Tower Hamlets 2021.

Shared Vulnerability and Authenticity

Art, in its very essence, is sometimes a vulnerable act. You're baring a part of your idea, your perceptions, and memories into your creations. This shared vulnerability becomes the foundation for authentic connections. As participants paint and learn alongside one another, it opens up new conversations.

Higgins Partnerships and the City of London, Islington Mural 2023.

Learning and Growing Together

Every project at Co-Creative Connection is a learning experience. Whether it's learning about a new pattern, exploring a different colour combination, or understanding another's perspective. And who better to celebrate learning with than a newfound friend?

Newham Council, Deafroots and SKILLS Community Mural Project, Newham 2023.

Laughter, Trials, and Celebrations

It isn't just the serene moments of creation that create friendship; it's also the trials and errors, the spilt paints, and the messy hands. Every laughter shared, every word of encouragement during trying phases, and every shared celebration upon project completion adds another layer to the budding relationships.

Aspen Gardens Estate Community Mural funded by Hammersmith & Fulham Council and Idverde 2023.

Shared Memories and the Afterglow

Each project culminates not just in a mural but also in shared memories. These memories do not fade away with the drying of the paint. Instead, they linger on, often sparking conversations, reunions, and collaborations long after the project has ended.

Mayor of London, Dex and Sundial Community Centre - Peabody, Community Mural Project, Tower Hamlets 2021.

The Ripple Effect

The friendships formed during our projects often extend beyond Co-Creative Connection. Participants, now friends, venture out together, exploring other interests, inviting each other to events, or simply catching up over coffee. When participants collaborate on projects, they forge lasting bonds and embark on new ventures. The legacy continues through their future projects and enduring friendships. The project might have been the catalyst, but the connections formed have a life of their own.

Some friendships even circle back, meet Justina! seen on the left of this photograph, after making connections in the Peabody project she joined us again in the Newham project in 2023 where she met different participants of the local community!

Sustainability Mural Supported by DHL and GoGreenFuel, Formula E, Excel London 2023.

The Beautiful Tapestry of Co-Creation and Friendship

As we look back at the projects we’ve undertaken, the mural stands as a silent witness to the sound of laughter, shared thoughts, and the beautiful journey of strangers becoming friends.

If you're looking to make new connections and new friendships then we'd love to have you join us at the next workshop or see our community projects page to explore our previous projects.


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