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The community mural project that captures the community spirit of Islington

Who was involved in the Islington Community Mural Project?

Collaborating with the City of London residents of York Way Estate and the Islington community, this ambitious project aimed to adorn the Higgins Partnership hoardings for 91 new social homes with captivating artwork. In this blog post, we delve into the story behind this initiative, the creative process, and the inspiring elements that make this mural a true representation of Islington's rich history and diverse community capturing the essence of community spirit and bringing a burst of creativity to the area.

A group of six people, 5 female adults and one boy. all standing around two tables holding up moodboard created out of paper cuttings.
Higgins Partnerships and City of London Islington Mural Project, 2023

Capturing the Heart of the Community Spirit

The heart of this project was to ensure that the community spirit and ideas were reflected in the mural. Participants actively engaged in the creative process, drawing inspiration from various sources. Love, the rich local history, McMorran & Whitby architecture, and nearby estates served as the foundation for the mural's patterns, breathing life into the artwork.

A woman painting a orange triangle onto a building site hoarding.
Higgins Partnerships and City of London Islington Mural Project, 2023

What was the environmental impact of this community mural project?

As a part of our environmental responsibility, we used recycled paints from our previous projects with Dulux and Brewers to ensure that no materials went to waste. Our aim is to create a beautiful mural that would inspire and bring joy to everyone who sees it.

A group of eight people sitting round a large square table, Art materials are covering the tables. They are colouring in patterns in a workshop
Higgins Partnerships and City of London Islington Mural Project, 2023

Uniting Islington Through Art: The Power of Community Murals

To bring the community together and foster a sense of ownership, three workshops were conducted. During these sessions, participants were encouraged to explore their creativity and learn about different design elements.

The workshops provided a platform for discussions on colours, mood boards, inclusive pattern designs, and the overall theme of the mural.

In the first workshop, the importance of colours and setting the tone for the artwork through mood boards was discussed. Participants had the opportunity to share their ideas and values, shaping the direction of the mural.

The second workshop introduced participants to a wide range of inclusive pattern designs, including African, Islamic, and Indian art, chevrons, and diamond layouts. This exposure expanded their design knowledge and encouraged diverse perspectives.

The final workshop was the culmination of the creative process. Drawing from the knowledge gained in previous sessions, participants co-designed the mural artwork. Each individual contributed their own unique section, selecting preferred patterns, colours, and shapes. This collaborative approach ensured that the mural truly represented the collective vision of the community.

For detailed information about the workshops conducted during the Islington Community Mural Project and to discover which participants designed each section of the mural, we invite you to visit our dedicated page. Get an exclusive insight into the creative process and see how the community's ideas came to life in this collaborative art endeavour. Explore the page to delve deeper into the unique contributions made by each participant and witness the diverse talents that shaped this remarkable community mural in Islington.

A Community Mural Project has painted a mural on the side of a building sites hoardings. The location is London, Islington.
Higgins Partnerships and City of London Islington Mural Project, 2023

Fostering Togetherness: The Impact of a Community Mural in Islington

The completed mural stands as a testament to the past, present, and future of Islington. It incorporates elements inspired by the area's architecture, such as the distinctive white banding derived from McMorran & Whitby's design, Victorian pub tiles, and playful playground patterns. This integration celebrates the unique character of Islington, paying homage to its rich architectural heritage.

Embracing inclusivity, the mural features Indian art and prominently displays the word "LOVE" written in hearts with the LGBTQIA2s+ flag in the background, symbolising love for all. This powerful message resonates with the diverse community and underscores the importance of inclusivity in art.

In a nod to Islington's transportation history, the mural incorporates the Victoria line pattern, which opened in 1969. This addition highlights the estate's connection to the city's transportation system, embracing the notion of progress and movement.

A group of 5 adults and 2 children are standing in front of a community mural project. They are celebrating it's completion.
Higgins Partnerships and City of London Islington Mural Project, 2023

The Impact of Islington's Community Mural

The vibrant mural that can be seen at the hoardings of the Higgins Partnership in Islington is a visual celebration of community spirit and artistic collaboration. From its inception to completion, the project has embodied the values of inclusivity, sustainability, and collective creativity. It stands as a shining example of how art can transform public spaces, inspire joy, and strengthen the sense of belonging within a community.

Want to learn more about the partnership behind the Islington Community Mural?


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