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Supported by: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Celebrating 10 Years 

Medal and Pom-Pom Making Workshops


Celebrating 10 Years Festival was a two-week festival held at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park as we celebrated 10 Years since the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. All events that were held were free to enter, including live broadcasts of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.


We were excited to be hosting two workshops during the festival; medal-making and pom-pom-making workshops. We successfully managed to bring the community together and facilitate creative expression for all ages. 

"I worked with Rose in the activity tent at this event. Rose’s theme was on point for the event. The activity (making medals) was inclusive for many ages and abilities. The children could show their own creative skills which resulted in lots of individually designed medals. With the children leading their own design they showed sense of achievement and accomplishment.

Leading up to the event Rose was very professional keeping me informed. Communication was great. Rose was well prepared with materials and all planning. Rose is passionate about her community work and is evident in the events she has done thus far. Would recommend her highly."
Pru, Workshop Assistant. 

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Workshop Participant


"Can I make more please?"


Workshop Participant


"You're amazing and so organized, I don't even have left-handed scissors for my left-handed son"


Workshop Participant Parent


"She loves you and shows you're kind character, she's never so good with new people and usually finds it hard to follow directions. It's a credit to you! She is on the spectrum and has ASD"

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