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Co-Creative Connection Higgins Islington Summer Reveal. Best group photo cheering  CCC.jpg
Co-Creative Connection Higgins Islington Summer Reveal.Group photo  . CCC.jpg
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The Brief

In collaboration with the City of London, the residents of York Way Estate, and the wider Islington community, we started a creative mission to infuse life and colour into the Higgins Partnership hoardings for the upcoming 91 social homes with a community mural measuring 9.4m x 2.4m which was completed in the summer of 2023.


Our aim was to encapsulate the essence of the community in this mural, actively involving everyone in its creation. We extended our initiative into the heart of the York Way Estate community. Drawing inspiration from the local landscapes and landmarks, the participants took centre stage in shaping the mural's design. They incorporated elements from nearby parks, Football pitches, and the spirit of Islington's community.

Mindful of our commitment towards environmental conservation, we consciously chose to use recycled paints from our past projects with Dulux and Brewers. This ensured a mindful use of resources, preventing any material wastage. Our vision is to craft a bright and colourful mural, with a low carbon footprint.

Supported by: the City of London and Higgins Partnerships

2023 Higgins Summer project

2023 Higgins Summer project

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Organising three creative workshops at the Respite Centre on the 2nd, 9th, and 16th of August 2023, these workshops were for residents to channel their creativity and ideas.
Participants created mood boards, learnt about colour, experimented with patterns and co-designed the mural together. These workshops encouraged the participants an opportunity to meet new friends and collaborate in the design process. By coming together as a community, our creative workshops created a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere where everyone could freely express themselves and have a great time.

"The workshop was well-structured and engaging, offering a deep dive into the world of pattern-based murals. We learned about colour mixing, how colours impact mood, and how to create and combine patterns. It even inspired me to create something for my own home!"
Sean Linmann local resident and Islington NHS Occupational Therapist

The Process

Co-Creative Connection Higgins Islington Summer workshop 3. Guilia, Hatan, Phillip, Rose,
Co-Creative Connection Higgins Islington Summer workshop 2 CCC (2).jpg

"Working with Rose on a mural project has been an absolute delight and an enriching experience. Her extraordinary talent, dedication, and passion for art transformed what could have been a simple mural into a masterpiece that will forever captivate our community. Rose's warm and friendly personality made the entire experience enjoyable. She encouraged us to be actively involved in the creative process, valuing our input and ideas. This collaborative spirit not only enriched the project but also made us feel like we were part of something truly special. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with her and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a transformative and unforgettable artistic experience"


 Sonam Uprit, Lambfold House resident

The Outcome

Drawing from workshops, participants created their own pattern designs. Their creations included the unmistakable signature of Islington’s rich heritage. We included modern symbols, such as the clock face from Caledonian Park, the football pitches of Market Road and the 4 seasons of Caledonian Park. Together, these elements paint a narrative of the bridges between the past and present of Islington.


Each participant brought a piece of their heart and home to the mural.  The personal design in each part of the mural tells individual tales, yet they harmoniously come together, showcasing a tapestry of shared experiences and memories. A theme of health and love emerged from this mural, reflecting the community’s values and priorities. The many hearts that are scattered throughout the mural, symbolise the love and friendship within the community.


We included a design to represent occupational therapy and how human connection it’s essential to our well-being. Standing vibrantly on the York Way estate, the mural represents the community's aspirations, hopes, and dreams. It signifies the unity of the Islington residents and stands as a story of their shared journey, resilience, and friendship.

"My artistic ability peaked at drawing stickmen on the back of notebooks in school, so I was somewhat apprehensive, but I shouldn't have worried! Rose, the instructor, was an absolute delight. She is exceptionally skilled at working with people of all abilities—from children to those who can only draw stick figures like myself. Rose was friendly, knowledgeable, and an excellent communicator. She created an environment where everyone felt welcome and could bring out their best.

Being new to London, I also appreciated meeting new people and feeling the community vibe. It was great contributing something to my local area, and it's a fantastic feeling to walk past something you helped to create! Plus, I can now tell people that I'm basically Banksy.

Thank you, Rose! You helped me discover my artistic side and learn that creativity can be a great way to destress and have fun."


Sean Linmann local resident and Islington NHS Occupational Therapist

Co-Creative Connection Higgins Islington Summer Reveal. David, Sean & Phillip   (1). CCC.j

About The Design


Learn about the individuals who participated in this project and the thought process behind the design choices for each section of the mural.

white boarder

Matan designed his own pattern design using the different pattern structures including scales and chevrons. He was inspired by peacock feathers.

Blue boarder

Tasia designed her own pattern using the composite pattern structure which she learnt in the patterns workshop.

red boarder

Sean created his own repeat pattern inspired by occupational therapy and how human connection it’s essential to our well-being

pink boarder

Dave created his own geometric pattern using his favourite colours.

Orange boarder

Eddie's design is inspired by the football pitches on Market Road. Eddie created a design inspired by the clock face and window of Caledonian Park.

yellow boarder

Giullia was inpsired by warm colours, which she learnt about during the colour theory workshop.

green boarder

Phillip's design included 23 pigeons which can be found in Islington. Phillip added the snake travelling upwards to represent health and protection. He was also inspired by Victorian pub tiles which you can see in the top left corner.

white boarder

Summer created a design which represented the hope and love for the new regeneration project. Summer used warm colours which she learnt about during the colour theory workshop. 

Blue boarder

Naima's design represnts the four seasons as she walks through Caledonian Park.

red boarder

Aaryan from Lambfold House created a tower of straws at the summer pizza party which inspired the blue and yellow check design.

pink boarder

Carly designed the waves and also wanted to see hearts in the mural.

red boarder

Melissa designed the mosaic designs, we created a blue and pink version for the mural.

Orange boarder

Amber Lee was inspired by the colour theory workshop and created this marble design.

Co-Creative Connection Higgins Islington Summer Reveal. Mural CCC.jpg
Co-Creative Connection Higgins Islington Summer Reveal. Mural CCC(1).jpg
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