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Commissioned By: Rachien Smoothie, Japan.

Make Your Pet Famous - Rachien Smoothie, Japan. 

The "Make Your Pet Famous" exhibitions planned and curated by our founder, Rose Hill, featuring pet portraits and murals, is a celebration of the human-animal bond. This exhibition, held in Japan in May 2019, showcased an 8 x 3 metre mural containing 7 individual artworks. The unique aspect of this exhibition is that it involved pet owners in the creative process, giving them a voice and allowing them to be a part of creating a one-of-a-kind piece of British Pop Art.

The pets depicted in the exhibition include both rescue animals and those who have since passed away. The artwork serves as a tribute to these beloved pets and provides a way to channel feelings of grief and boost self-esteem. The art also has the power to bring joy and bring people together, as evidenced by the smiling faces and conversations among strangers at the exhibitions.

Rose Hill Designs Rachien Smoothie Mural
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“She is so talented and a hard worker towards her job! She never forgets to smile even if she is on a tight schedule. Her artwork makes people so happy and I'm one of them and I am a big fan of Rose Hill! Her exhibition held at Rachien Smoothie in Japan was successful and everyone there was filled with happiness, kindness, and a smile! She and I will never forget about the night! Not only her artwork but also her personality attract them a lot! She is the best!”

Kyoko Hashimoto founder of Rachien Smoothie Japan, 2019

Commissioned By: Old Diorama Art Centre.

Make Your Pet Famous - Warren Street, London.


The 15 x 3 metre high mural below was part of the "Make Your Pet Famous" exhibitions at the Old Diorama Art Centre in November 2018. The mural featured 15 individual artworks, each showcasing the beauty and bond between humans and their pets.


BBC broadcaster Anna Webb famously stated, “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Prudence (Miniature Bull Terrier)”, highlighting the impact that our pets have on our lives. Viewing art has been proven to increase empathy, tolerance, and feelings of love, making "Make Your Pet Famous" exhibitions a touching and emotional experience for pet owners and art lovers alike.


The exhibition received much praise, including:

"You're a role model for so many aspiring young women and artists." - Natalie Chung, 2018.

"I love this piece by Rose Hill Designs. In fact, I love all her work. It has real depth, it's fun, and is a legacy to the beauty and mischievousness of us pets. Thank you, Rose, for being so wonderful and talented, and for highlighting the beauty of the human-animal bond." - Sophie Bradley and Amber the Cav, 2018.

"Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for last night. It was a fab private view - great venue, great work on the walls, and great (furry) guests. Once again, many thanks for the experience!" - Emma Stanford, 2018.

Rose Hill Designs Make Your Pet Famous M
Old Diorama Make Your Pet Famous Event_j.webp

Commissioned By: Picnik of Art and V&A Museum Lates.

Make Your Pet Famous - Piknik of Art, London


Picknik of Art is an event which was a part of the V&A Museum Lates that showcases musical, visual and physical art in galleries across London. It features both local and international artists, pairing emerging street artists with venues in their own neighborhoods. The event aims to celebrate and bring different forms of art together in one space. 


In October 2019, the exhibition was among 18 artists (Including us) showcasing their work, including installations, art exhibitions, live mural paintings by the exhibitor and one other artist, live electronic music performances, food, and a marketplace featuring the artists' products.

V&A panel and Rose painting NEWSLETTER_j
Visitor Syndey at Picknik exhibition.webp
Visitor Romeo at Picknik exhibition.webp
Vistors Barney Chumples & Alfie at Pickn.webp
Picknik of art #MakeYourPetFamous exhibition time lapse larger.JPG
Picknik Art exhibition Newsletter 2.jpg
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