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Commissioned By: Small Prints Books. 
Small Prints Books

Jenny Thomas owner of Small Print books, commissioned Rose in the Spring of 2018 to paint her first commercial mural. Jenny left the brief open and allowed Rose to design it freely with two requests;


1. An inspirational and fun Instagram backdrop

2. Include Small Prints of brand colours.


Jenny and her husband absolutely loved the final design and thought it was a lot of fun. The mural had been a staple in Small Prints Instagram posts before the shop closed down due to Covid-19 in September 2020

Rose Hill Designs Commerical spaces smal.webp
Rose Hill Designs small print books mura
Spotty Background.png

"It was so cool to hang out and see you work your wonders! It's looking incredible! Thank you so much for your hard work."

Jenny Thomas owner of Small Print books, 2018

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