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The Brief


We've recently secured a medium grant from the Westfield East Bank Creative Futures Fund. This incredible funding is dedicated to the Holmleigh Primary School Mural project. We're so thankful to have the support of the Westfield East Bank Creative Futures Fund, enabling us to continue our mission of bringing vibrant mural projects to London Communities! 

Looking ahead, we're gearing up for a very inspiring year as we start the new community mural workshops with the enthusiastic children and staff of Holmleigh Primary School. We can't wait to see the creativity as we co-design and paint a new mural together!

Supported by: Westfield East Bank Creative Futures Fund

Holmleigh Primary School

Holmleigh Primary School

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Creating Joy! A special project where Holmleigh Primary School students and families come together to create a vibrant mural. Celebrating Hackney's diversity and unity and promoting well-being.  We want everyone to feel a part of it and to share lifelong skills

The Process

Our Goals:

1. Everyone Included: Year 2-6 students, families, and staff to help plan, design, and create the mural. Showing off our different backgrounds and dreams in the process.

2. Celebration of Diversity: The mural showcases the richness of our different backgrounds in a safe and welcoming space.

3. We're a Team: By working together on the mural, we want everyone to feel proud and like they really belong here.

4. Long-lasting positivity: Even after the mural is done, we want it to keep making you feel good and connected.


What We'll Do:

1. Fun Workshops: We'll have creative workshops to hear everyone's ideas. We want everyone to share and talk openly.

2. Workshop Fun: We'll do activities like making mood boards, exploring colours, and patterns, and picking out colours for the mural. We'll talk about what we think is important for the mural.

3. Co-Design: Rose Hill a professional artist and founder of Co-Creative Connection will help us make sure the mural looks amazing. She's really good at this and knows how to include everyone's ideas.

4. Lets Paint: After deciding on the design, a selection of students, families, staff, and local artists all paint the mural together.

5. Big Reveal: We'll have a big party to show off our finished mural to everyone at school and in our neighbourhood. Making everyone involved feel proud and happy.

6. Keep Having Fun: Even after the mural is finished, we'll create a video. Our mural will always be a special part of our community.


Unifying Holmleigh Primary School students and families through a vibrant mural. Celebrating diversity, creating a sense of belonging, and making a lasting positive impact for all.

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