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Copy of Co-Creative Connection NHS Mural Project Workshop 2. Group photo.jpg

The Brief


We've collaborated with NHS and the community to bring two creative workshops held on the 23rd of March and 1st of April 2024. 

A vibrant mural to be painted within the new mental health facility on Lowther Road, Islington. The 4 x 4 meter mural serves as a proud representation of the NHS service users. Created by members of the local community, the mural's designs infuse the space with colour and tranquillity, making it a welcoming and uplifting environment for all who visit.

Presently, the project is advancing through the design stage, where all the participant's works are being digitised.


Supported by: NHS

Co-Creative Connection NHS Mural Project Workshop 2. Ruths mood board.jpg

The Process

The creative workshops took place on the 23rd of March and 1st of April 2024. They offered an inclusive platform for participants to express creativity, involving activities such as creating mood boards, learning about colour theory, creating patterns, and co-designing. In these sessions, participants tapped into their creativity, directly contributing to their community's visual identity.

During the second workshop, these fantastic ideas were consolidated through co-designing the mural. Participants led the design of sections in the final mural, gaining ownership over the patterns, colours, and shapes they want to incorporate.

“ I enjoyed this session because of the atmosphere here and being able to get my work seen, and my message across to help people live a bit longer. The atmosphere is very nice, I've enjoyed that. And, how the mural will be seen by the general public rather than just being locked in the galleries. It's great. “You can say anything you want about creativity. I like poetry, but art is, you can put something in a picture, you can create an atmosphere, an illusion, a journey,  a destiny, all in one picture.“

Phil Project Participant 2024

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