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The Brief


We've collaborated with the NHS trust and the community who use their services for two creative workshops held on the 23rd of March and the 1st of April 2024.

A vibrant co-designed mural is being painted in the main entrance of their new mental health facility on 1 Lowther Road, Islington. The 4 x 4 meter mural serves as a proud representation of the NHS trust service users. Created by members of the local community, the mural's designs infuse the space with colour and tranquillity, making it a welcoming and uplifting environment for all who visit.

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Supported by: The NHS Trust and Dulux

The Process

The creative workshops took place on the 23rd of March and 1st of April 2024. We facilitated an inclusive platform for participants to express their creativity, involving activities such as creating mood boards, learning about colour, creating patterns, collaborating and co-designing their inclusive artwork. In these sessions, participants tapped into their creativity, directly contributing to their community's visual identity.

During the second workshop, their fantastic ideas were consolidated through co-designing the mural together. Participants led the design of sections in the final mural, gaining ownership over the patterns, colours, and shapes they wanted to incorporate.

“ I enjoyed this session because of the atmosphere here and being able to get my work seen, and my message across to help people live a bit longer. The atmosphere is very nice, I've enjoyed that. And, how the mural will be seen by the general public rather than just being locked in the galleries. It's great. “You can say anything you want about creativity. I like poetry, but art is, you can put something in a picture, you can create an atmosphere, an illusion, a journey,  a destiny, all in one picture.“

Phil Project Participant 2024

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Lowther Road Per Mertesacker FULL-SIZE-59.jpg

The Outcome

The mural at the new Lower Road NHS Integrated Community Mental Health Centre stands as a testament to community and collaboration. It offers a vibrant welcome to all service users, a powerful reminder of the healing effects of art and creativity.

Participants in the project applied skills they learned from workshops to create their own unique designs. Each design contributed to a larger, colourful tapestry with positive phrases promoting healing and well-being. The core themes of the mural—love, healing, and compassion—reflect the values of the centre and its commitment to fostering a supportive environment.

This collaborative mural not only beautifies the space but also reinforces the importance of community cohesion. It highlights how collective creativity can inspire hope and resilience. For everyone involved, the mural is a lasting symbol of the power of unity and the positive impact of shared artistic expression.

About The Design


Learn about the individuals who participated in this project and the thought process behind the design choices for each section of the mural.

white boarder

During Workshop 1, May was deeply drawn to a material she felt symbolised equality perfectly. Inspired, she meticulously crafted a vibrant, multi-colored weave. Driven by a desire to address racism, May collaborated with us to incorporate the word 'Equality' into the mural, infusing it with positivity and strength. She also included two heart motifs to symbolise love and unity within the community.

“The colours, and paying attention to other people. Those things are difficult for me, you know. Just, I'm focusing on something here. I enjoyed that”

Blue boarder

Yaba contributed two distinctive flags to the project. The first features a star in her favorite colors, incorporating Sophie’s 'Love' design and the word 'Hope' to uplift patients and families. Her second flag depicts a sunrise, symbolizing new beginnings and optimism.


“Being a part of the process with the group”

red boarder

Phillip's design features 23 lions, symbolising courage and bravery, essential virtues for a health centre. Additionally, he included a snake ascending upwards, signifying health and protection, crucial elements for the well-being of service users. The cup symbolises youth, representing vitality and the promise of a bright future.

“ I enjoyed this session because of the atmosphere here, uh, and being able to get my work seen, and my message across to help people live a bit longer. The atmosphere is very nice, I've enjoyed that. And, how the mural will be seen by the general public rather than just being locked in the galleries. It's great.”

Orange boarder

Sean created his own repeat pattern inspired by occupational therapy and how human connection it’s essential to our well-being.

a spectrum of identities and experiences.


“Service users contributed to the creation of a mural, which is now proudly displayed at Lower Road in Islington. With my support, they engaged in two workshops focused on the intricacies of designing and crafting pattern-based murals. They created their unique patterns and actively brought them to life through painting.”

pink boarder

Geraldine aimed to include her Irish heritage into the mural by incorporating iconic symbols such as the shamrock, a Celtic knot, and the traditional Irish colours of Green, Orange, White, and Gold.

“Absolutely brilliant. Well worth attending and would attend again. It was great learning about the mixing of colours and creating a mood board was fun as you could be as creative as you liked. Getting to paint your part of the actual mural was really nice and seeing the finished wall was exciting and gave a great sense of achievement. Rose is a fantastic artist and extremely patient and helpful. Five stars all round ”

yellow boarder

Filipa, inspired by her travels to the service centre and her fascination with movement, envisioned blue waves in the design to symbolise fluidity and motion, recognizing blue's soothing effects. She incorporated circles representing bicycle wheels, highlighting exercise's endorphin-boosting and environmental benefits. Additionally, Filipa included red shoes to symbolize walking, each step a testament to resilience, courage, and new horizons.

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“Such a great experience! Loved being part of creating a mural.”

green boarder

Sophie aimed to infuse the new service centre with uplifting sentiments for patients, families, and staff. She crafted unique fonts for words like 'Love, Health, Welcome, Life,' each adorned with symbols such as the sun, health symbol, flower, and heart. Additionally, she included symbols like an eye, sunrise, moon, sun, and hand to represent hope, guidance, renewal, and connection.

“Very positive, very fun engaging with the group. Pleased with the result of our work for the Mural. Rose used my typography and symbols for the Mural at Lowther Road and am very happy!​"


white boarder

Inspired by the fabrics showcased in her mood board during Workshop 1, Ruth ingeniously crafted her own floral designs. These intricate patterns symbolise themes of growth and the beauty of nature.

Blue boarder

Edmund created his own organic spot repeat design, drawing inspiration from the mood board he meticulously curated during Workshop 1.

“Amazing work great process marvellous results”

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