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Community Unity in Colour: A Reflection on the Higgins Partnerships Community Mural Project

In a vibrant collaboration, we partnered with the Islington community to infuse life and colour into the Higgins Partnership hoardings surrounding the upcoming 91 social homes.

The project aimed to showcase the community's ideas and creativity. Participants drew inspiration from local landscapes, landmarks, parks, and football pitches, shaping the mural's design and creating a vibrant space for people to enjoy.

Mindful of the commitment to environmental conservation, the project used recycled paints from past collaborations with Dulux and Brewers. This decision not only ensured a vibrant and colourful mural but also aligned with the vision of a low carbon footprint, preventing material wastage in the process.

The project centred around three creative workshops at the Respite Centre on August 2nd, 9th, and 16th, 2023. Residents used these sessions to express creativity, share ideas, and contribute to the mural's design through mood boards, colour theory, and pattern experimentation, creating new community connections.

One participant, Sean Linmann, a local resident and Islington NHS Occupational Therapist, expressed his appreciation for the workshops, stating, "The workshop was well-structured and engaging, offering a deep dive into the world of pattern-based murals. It even inspired me to create something for my own home!".

Participants created unique pattern designs that reflected the unmistakable signature of Islington's rich heritage. Modern symbols, such as the clock face from Caledonian Park, football pitches from Market Road, and the four seasons of Caledonian Park, created a narrative bridging the past and present of Islington.

The mural is a testament to the community's shared experiences and memories. Each participant brought a piece of their heart and home to the artwork, creating a tapestry of community stories. Symbolic hearts scattered throughout the mural represented the love and friendship within the community.

Themes of health and love emerged, reflecting the community's values. Notably, a design representing occupational therapy underscored the essential role of human connection in well-being. Standing vibrantly on the York Way Estate, the mural is a visual representation of the community's aspirations, hopes, and dreams, uniting Islington residents in a shared journey of resilience and friendship.

The Islington mural project stands as more than a collection of colours on a wall; it's a testament to the power of community collaboration, artistic expression, and environmental mindfulness. In every stroke and hue, the mural tells the story of a diverse community coming together, leaving an everlasting imprint of unity and shared identity.

To read more about the inspiration behind each person’s design and who created it, please take a look at the Islington Community mural project.


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