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Meet the Participants of Our Islington Community Mural Project

Co-Creative Connection painted mural in Islington
Higgins Partnerships and the City of London, Islington Mural. 2023

Mural art has the unique ability to create stories, make connections, and bring communities together. In this blog post, we explore the ideas behind our participant's designs and see how all of these creative ideas came together!

A group of 18 people they are children to adults celebrating with their hands in the air. They are all standing in front of hoarding of  a building site which has been painted with a vibrant Co-Creative Connection  community mural.
Higgins Partnerships and the City of London, Islington Mural. 2023

Celebrating Islington's Vibrant Heritage Through the Community Mural

Stretching across the walls of the Higgins PLC Hoardings, the mural serves as a visual symphony of colours, shapes, and narratives. It embraces the spirit of unity and inclusivity, reflecting the diverse tapestry of Islington's residents. The design choices were carefully curated alongside the community to represent the shared experiences and aspirations of the community, making it a true embodiment of collective identity.

The Participants behind the community mural designs

During the workshops, Miriam was drawn to this beautiful '60s design from the Tv and even took a photo of it to share with the group. She was inspired by the meaning behind the colour blue that she learned during our colour theory session in one of the workshops, and decided to incorporate it into her pattern design.

Say hello to Gareth...he enjoyed colouring the chevrons in one of the workshops and wanted to include them in the community mural, after learning about them during the patterns session.

Lia's creativity knows no bounds - she created the word LOVE using hearts as the letters and added the LGBTQIA2S+ flag behind it to signify that everyone deserves love and acceptance. It was such a beautiful and powerful message that can now be seen by all!

Tasia Designed this artwork which was inspired by waves, she incorporated stripes after learning about them during the patterns session.

Shraddha's creative skills were truly impressive! She created her very own Indian-inspired artworks using her heritage and Henna designs. Her beautiful and intricate designs were a wonderful tribute to her culture and tradition.

Natalie designed the N7 postcode design. We decided to report the N7 close together to resemble stitching on clothes.

Leo created his own pattern design and wanted his man to be included. He loved the warm colours after learning about them in colour theory.

Tessa learned about different pattern styles, colours and designs in the workshops and inspired by the knowledge she gained, she created her own pattern design

Lia and Leo collaborated together to create their own diamond pattern after learning about them in the workshop.

The Community Mural is dedicated to the cultural diversity of Islington

Islington is renowned for its cultural diversity, and the mural showcases this beautifully. Through the community mural, the design highlights the different cultural traditions, ethnicities, and vibrant communities that call Islington home. Symbolic representations, intricate patterns, and vivid colours depict the interwoven threads of cultural heritage, fostering a sense of pride and unity among residents.

8 people sitting around a table in a Co-Creative Connection workshop
Higgins Partnerships and the City of London, Islington Workshops. 2023

Reflecting Islington's Rich History: Key Landmarks and Iconic Figures in the Community Mural

One of the core elements of the mural design is the celebration of Islington's rich historical heritage. We incorporated the Victoria Line pattern, Playground designs, and drew inspiration from the estate's architecture. The distinctive white banding was inspired by the McMorran & Whitby architecture that has shaped the neighbourhood over the years. From architectural gems to pivotal moments in the community's timeline, the mural pays homage to the past while providing a glimpse into Islington's journey.

A group of 5 adults and 2 children are standing in front of a community mural project. They are celebrating it's completion.
Higgins Partnerships and the City of London, Islington Reveal. 2023

Transforming Spaces and Communities: The Impact of the Islington Community Mural

The creation of the Islington Community Mural was a collaborative project that engaged and empowered local community members. From the initial stages, we worked closely with residents, inviting them to contribute their stories, memories, and artistic ideas. Community workshops were held, providing a platform for everyone to share their unique perspectives and shape the mural's narrative.

The Islington Community Mural has transformed not just a physical space but also the spirit of the borough. It serves as a powerful catalyst for community engagement. Residents and visitors alike are overjoyed by the vibrant community mural, sparking conversations, and strengthening the bond among community members.

To read more about the Higgins Partnership with Co-Creative Connection please click here

Co-Creative Connection painted mural in Islington
Higgins Partnerships and the City of London, Islington Mural. 2023

Through these collaborative efforts, the community's creativity truly came to life in the mural. People from various backgrounds, ages, and artistic abilities had the opportunity to contribute their unique perspectives, talents, and skills. Whether it was suggesting themes, sharing personal stories, or even participating in the painting process, everyone had a chance to make their mark on the artwork.

To read more about the Islington project please check out our dedicated page linked here


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