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The Brief


We worked together with Hammersmith Council and Idverde to organise an engaging workshop held on the 31st of May 2023. This workshop was designed to encourage collaboration and creativity among young residents (under 16) and their families of Hammersmith. The participants were invited to create mood boards for the Riverside Gardens Location. Riverside Gardens is a 12.5m (w) x 2.1m (h) ACM (aluminium composite material) mural which was installed during the summer of 2023.

This mural was a community consultation, where every local resident had the opportunity to share their ideas and perspectives. We created conversations to ensure that everyone's voice and ideas were heard in the final design.

Supported by: Idverde, Hammersmith & Fulham Council, Brewers and Dulux.

Riverside Gardens

Riverside Gardens

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The Process

The workshop took place on the 31st of May to connect the community and explore colour and mood board creation.


During the session, the participants collectively learnt about colour theory and decided on colours for the mural. Once everyone had picked chosen materials they created mood boards, they were able to use these mood boards to express their ideas on paper in a fun and playful way. 


The workshop brought all these amazing ideas together whilst co-designing the mural, participants were able to lead and design sections of the final mural and take ownership of the patterns, colours and shapes they would like to include.


"I couldn't believe how much it brightened up the space! The community is so happy with the mural design and we can't wait to use the ball court, it's been amazing being able to see our ideas in a design!"

Anonymous Community Member, 2023

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The Outcome

In designing the mural, we took inspiration directly from the community's spirit. We incorporated rivers to reflect the proximity to the riverside and included rowers to represent the local rowing teams. Greenery was added to symbolise the nearby parks and natural surroundings.


To reflect the distinct pattern of the ball court, we included hexagons in the design. Additionally, after listening to feedback during community consultations, we added more orange to the mural design.

Co-Creative Connection Idverde Hammersmith Riverside Workshop Participant and moodboard  C
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Great projects involving the community and a great way of getting people together and their creative juices flowing. The resulting murals are a breath of fresh air and bring vibrancy to the areas. Well done Rose!


Felicity Langthorne, 2023

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