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Inspiring Creativity: 10 Tips to Ignite Your Creativity

Creativity is often considered an innate trait; you either have it, or you don’t. But that’s a misconception. Creativity is like a muscle – the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. Whether you're a writer, artist, entrepreneur, or just looking to tap into your creative potential in day-to-day life, these ten tips will help light the spark of inspiration.

1. Embrace Curiosity

Children are naturally curious, always exploring, and asking questions. Somewhere along the way, many of us lose this sense of wonder. Reignite it. Wonder about the world, ask questions, and seek answers. Curiosity is the precursor to creativity.

2. Establish a Routine

Consistency is key. Creativity thrives in an environment where you consistently engage with it. By setting aside dedicated time each day or week for your creative pursuits, you'll be providing yourself with a structured space to let your imagination soar.

3. Surround yourself with different perspectives

Diverse interactions stimulate the brain in unique ways. Engage with people from different backgrounds, read books outside your usual genre, or travel to new places (even if it's just the next borough over). Exposing yourself to different perspectives can lead to innovative ideas and solutions.

two people are mixing colours in a colour theory session for  the  Higgins Partnerships and the City of London, Summer Islington Mural 2023.
Higgins Partnerships and the City of London, Summer Islington Mural 2023.

4. Limit Distractions

While modern life offers various conveniences, it also brings numerous distractions. Designate 'creative hours' where you disconnect from your phone, social media, or any other diversions. Use this time to think, doodle, write, or brainstorm.

5. Daydream

In our productivity-focused society, daydreaming often gets a bad rap. However, allowing your mind to wander can lead to unexpected connections and ideas. Give yourself permission to let go and dream.

6. Collaborate with Others

Two heads (or more) are often better than one. Bouncing ideas off someone else can lead to entirely unexpected solutions. Collaborate with peers, join a workshop, or simply discuss your ideas with someone unfamiliar with the topic.

7. Reduce Information Overload

While the internet is a fantastic tool, it can also bombard us with excessive information. Make it a habit to unplug regularly. This break from constant input gives your mind the chance to process, reflect, and create.

8. Join a Creative Community

Surrounding yourself with fellow creatives can be a game-changer. Joining an art class, workshop, or online forum can expose you to various creative ideas. Collaborative projects or just discussing with peers can bring forth ideas you hadn't considered.

three people are gathered round a table selecting colours such as green, pink, blue, yellow and orange for a Populo Living and Newham Council, Stratford Mural 2023.
Populo Living and Newham Council, Stratford Mural 2023.

9. Learn to Embrace Failures

Every failure is a lesson in disguise. Instead of being disheartened by mistakes, view them as stepping stones towards your creative goal. Each misstep offers a new perspective and brings you one step closer to a breakthrough.

10. Practice Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness exercises, such as meditation, train your brain to focus. This heightened awareness can enhance creativity, allowing you to observe details you might have previously overlooked.


In conclusion, creativity isn't the exclusive domain of artists or writers. It's an inherent trait in all of us, waiting to be nurtured and expressed. These ten tips are just the starting point. The true magic happens when you tailor these suggestions to fit your unique life and experiences. Remember, your creative journey is uniquely yours, and every step you take enriches your story. Embrace the process, cherish the discoveries, and always keep that spark of inspiration burning bright.


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