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Inclusivity in Art: How Our Murals Welcome and Represent Everyone

Higgins Partnerships and the City of London, Summer Islington Mural 2023.

At the intersection of representation and creativity, community murals emerge as powerful mediums that not only beautify our spaces but also narrate the collective stories of all. They create a space where everyone's voices, experiences, and identities find a place.

Imagine walking down a street and seeing a mural that tells your story, that speaks to your experiences or showcases your culture and heritage. It’s a validation of existence, an acknowledgement. This is what inclusivity in art aims to achieve. And here’s how our murals champion this cause.

1. Collaborative Design Process

Our design prioritises collaboration. We invite community members to creative workshops, ensuring that a diverse group shares their ideas. The tapestry of thoughts, feelings, and experiences creates life to designs that resonate with many, not just a few.

2. Highlighting Diverse Stories

Historically, some voices have been amplified more than others. Our murals look to change this dynamic. By featuring stories from marginalised communities, cultures often overlooked, or experiences undiscussed, we give a platform to those narratives that should be heard.

Feeling Heard and Valued Mood Board Workshop with Adult & Health (DASS) 2023.

3. Accessible Creation and Interaction

Inclusivity is not just about the themes of the murals, but also how they are created and interacted with. We hold workshops that are accessible to all – regardless of age, physical ability, or artistic knowledge. Additionally, our murals are positioned in places where everyone can view and engage with them.

4. A Continuous Learning Journey

Inclusivity is a journey, not a destination. We're constantly learning and listening. Feedback from the community is invaluable, guiding us to create murals that are more representative of each project.

5. Educative Angle

With each mural, there’s an opportunity to educate. We often accompany our projects with information panels or QR codes linked to resources. This education ensures that viewers not only appreciate the art but also understand the stories behind the mural.

Higgins Partnerships and the City of London, Islington Mural 2023.

6. Championing Local Artists

Art is also about the artist. By giving local artists an opportunity to showcase their talents, we ensure that the brushstrokes carry the weight and authenticity of lived experiences.

In Conclusion

Art, in its purest form, is a reflection of society. And if society is a medley of diverse individuals, our art, especially public art, should represent that. Inclusivity in art is not a trend or a buzzword; it’s a responsibility and, more importantly, a necessity. Our murals aim to do just that – welcome and represent everyone.

As you next walk by one of our murals or any mural! pause and look closely. Beyond the vibrant colours and patterns, you'll find stories of love, dreams, and resilience. Stories that, in many ways, might mirror your own. Because in the end, our murals are not just about art; they're about the community, all of them.

At Co-Creative Connection we're continually looking for ways to be as inclusive as possible in our Community Murals, to foster and promote community engagement. To see more info on the projects mentioned in this blog post, please see our dedicated page for Community Mural Projects.


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